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Home-working start-up benefits from second lockdown: growth of 700 percent

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Many Dutch people have been working from home since the second lockdown. At the same time, many hotel rooms are empty because there are fewer tourists. Olivier Kruger and Seffie Treistman both want to help solve problems with VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl.

The platform offers home workers hotel rooms to work in quietly. Since the second lockdown, which started in early October, demand on the platform has grown by 700 percent.

Co-founder Seffie Treistman: ,, During the first lockdown, we were still light-footed about the consequences of working from home a lot. We jokingly said that we might be able to save someone's marriage with our hotel workplaces. It now appears that the situation is more serious than we thought. Here and there the alarm bell is rung about the negative consequences of working from home. Think of relationships that are under pressure, physical complaints, increasing stress and even corona burnouts. We hope to provide a solution for this with our platform. ”