Being able to work in peace is something I miss very much at the moment. I miss having the house to myself and getting started. I also miss going to a coffee shop to open my laptop and write for a few hours. It is no different now, but with two children around you it is not optimal now. Fortunately my booking deadline has shifted because that did not work at all. But suddenly there was a fantastic proposition that I couldn't refuse: "How would you like to work in a hotel room for a day?" I did not know how quickly I had to accept this offer and immediately scheduled the next Monday as a working day for myself. I didn't care that it turned out to be King's Day: this will be my day! I chose Twenty Eight, a hotel opposite the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Because it is easily accessible for me from Aalsmeer and because I fell in love with its appearance. When the time had come yesterday and my men dropped me off in front of the hotel, I already knew: this will be my day. This is going to be fantastic!

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