1. Use of this website

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl was founded during the global corona crisis to give home workers the opportunity to (occasionally) work quietly in a work suite without being distracted at home. The information on this website has been compiled to provide information about work suites in the Netherlands so that users of this website can search and book a temporary workplace in a work suite online. This website helps you as a user to find available work suites in the Netherlands. The website is for making legitimate and desirable reservations and bookings.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and have legal authority to make commitments and use this website in accordance with these terms and conditions and all laws applicable to you. In addition, you declare that you have financial strength and legal capacity for your activities on this website. You also guarantee that all information provided by you regarding the use of this website (about yourself and possibly third parties) is true and exact. You understand that overuse or misuse of the booking facilities and / or this website may result in your being denied access to these facilities. Without limitation, any false or fraudulent booking is prohibited.

2. Privacy

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl respects your privacy. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl only passes on your personal data to third parties to book a temporary workplace for you, receive payments and possibly cancel. The Privacy Statement explains which data is processed, what is done with your data and what rights you have.

3. No hidden costs

VoorDeThuis workers.nl ensures price transparency by stating any additional costs with each room price, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Service charges may apply to specific promotions, which are clearly stated with the promotion. These service costs must be paid at all times.

4. Books

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl can act as an intermediary and forward the booking to the accommodation, as well as carry out the bookings itself. The booking itself is a transaction between the customer who makes the booking and VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl or accommodation, we make this clear after the reservation, by email / telephone / message. Hotels reserve the right to refuse a booking.

5. Cancel

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl does not charge cancellation costs. If you wish to cancel your work suite, please use the link in the booking confirmation email. Early cancellation is free of charge when the accommodation is closed, when the Netherlands goes into full lock-down, or when you are not allowed to leave the house due to illness of you or your housemate.

6. Credit card

Accomodations often require your credit card details to guarantee a booking. Your credit card details will only be sent to the hotel where you booked to guarantee your booking. By booking through this website, you conclude an agreement with the hotel you have chosen. Your credit card details will be immediately deleted by VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl as soon as your booking has been passed on to the hotel or payment has been made. The hotel can pre-authorize your credit card before your arrival ie check if your credit card is valid. This precaution can be taken by the property in case of damage to the work suite.

7. Copyright / Intellectual Property

The copyright of all information, texts, materials and all technical processes that you will find on this website rests with VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl. Your access to this website does not imply that you may freely reuse / duplicate or distribute the information provided here. In the event of duplication of pages / HTML code / META tags, in whole or in part, compiled by VoorDeThuis workers.nl, immediate, irrevocable legal action will be taken.
The intellectual property rights, including copyrights, that rest on the materials present on this website belong to VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl or have been licensed to it by third parties.

8. Third Party Links

You may freely token to this website. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl is explicitly not responsible for the content of any website that links to VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl.
This website may contain links to websites that are managed by parties other than VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl. Such links are included as references for you only. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl cannot be held liable for the content of these external websites. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl has no control over those websites and is not responsible for their content. The inclusion of links to those websites by VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl in no way implies approval of the material on those websites or any association or collaboration with their administrators or operators.

9. Disclaimer

This website has been compiled with the greatest possible care by VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl. However, the information on this website may contain inaccuracies, inaccuracies or typographical errors. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl is not responsible and / or liable for the content of this website and the information provided on it, including prices of hotels supplied by the hotels themselves. VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information provided here about participating hotels.

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl does not guarantee the correctness of, and is not liable for, inaccuracies with regard to photos of hotels, descriptions of hotels, mention of hotel facilities and other descriptions shown on the website, which information is provided by the hotels themselves, which for that reason are also responsible for the correctness of this information.

VoorDeThuis workers.nl does not check all information provided by the hotels or other third parties.

Accommodations can change the information about their accommodation, such as prices and availability, at any time. VoorDeThuis Workers.nl is not liable for any damage suffered by not correctly displaying this data.
For recovery of any damage resulting from incorrect hotel listings or incorrect hotel availability dates, you must contact the relevant hotel directly.

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl is not liable for damage, both direct and indirect, resulting from the use of its website or the information provided on it.
VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl can make improvements and / or changes to this website at any time and does so regularly. Any consequential damages arising from incorrect payments to hotels or incorrect credit card taxes by hotels will be borne by the respective hotel. VoorDeThuiswerkers.nl cannot be held liable for this damage.
VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl is not liable for damage resulting from the use or the (temporary) impossibility of using electronic means for communication with this website, including - but not limited to - damage as a result of non-delivery or delay in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software / equipment used for electronic communication and virus transmission.
By using the VoorDeThuis workers.nl website, you indemnify VoorDeThuis workers.nl against all damage resulting from third-party claims arising from violation or non-compliance with these terms and conditions, or against claims otherwise related to or arising from your use of its website .

10. Changes to these terms and conditions

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl reserves the right to change the terms and conditions under which this website is offered. You accept and acknowledge as binding the terms and conditions in force at the time you use the VoorDeThuis workers.nl website and facilities.

11. General

VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl is an initiative based in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 78181712. The laws applicable in the Netherlands apply. VoorDeThuis workers.nl reserves the right to unilaterally adjust or change the conditions. All disputes arising from the use of this website and for which VoorDeThuiswerkt.nl can be held liable must be submitted to the Amsterdam District Court, which has exclusive jurisdiction to hear these disputes.