Lichelle van der Wiel from ringing writes weekly about how what motivates their customers to do business. This week it was about how we managed to respond to frustrated home workers and empty hotel rooms, her report:

A suitable home workplace is not a given for everyone; crying babies, neighbors doing odd jobs or the internet being lost. During the lockdown at the end of March, you saw a great need for quiet work spaces. On the other side you saw hotels, which saw their rooms empty due to the lack of tourists and business guests. Olivier (formerly a freelance consultant) and Seffie saw a way to bind both parties together.


“Yes, the idea naturally arose at the end of March. As a freelancer, a lot of assignments fell away from me, so I started thinking about how I could be of value in the subsequent period. I started brainstorming with the Business Club that I am in. We came up with this idea together with Seffie Treistman, the co-founder of VoordeThuis workers. We thought; This is the right timing, we just have to do it!

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