Monique from the blog Moonologist worked for a day at Boutique Hotel De Beerze in Middelbeers. Her report:

Last April we were still at the beginning of this whole corona crisis and I was allowed, during the first period that the schools were closed, a day of working from home in hotel Mariënhage in Eindhoven. That went really well at the time. For that reason and because I still think the whole concept is brilliant, I was only too happy to accept a second invitation from ForTheHomeworkers. Different place, different hotel, but the same tranquility. And this time especially more space! I like to take you with me during my working day in a studio of Boutique Hotel De Beerze in Middelbeers in Brabant.

My own studio

Somewhere between nine and ten (okay it wasn't that early, haha) I arrive at the hotel. I can park my car nearby and with the instructions from the hotel in mind, I walk to the rear of the building where key boxes are attached to the wall behind the stairs. With the code I received by email, I open the correct box and I can take the pass for my studio. I don't have a room but a real studio at my disposal!

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