Erik Verheijen lives with his girlfriend in Amsterdam and has his own company: EV Creative Projects, which does international marketing, advertising and film projects for brands and agencies. Normally he travels a lot for work, but now he mainly works from home, and occasionally from a hotel room.

What does your home workplace look like?
Actually very good for Amsterdam standards, we have a loft with a large living room and kitchen. Very nice of course, but you do miss separate rooms. We have been living here for two years now, the two of us, my girlfriend and I.

How did you end up at Voordethuis workers?
My girlfriend came across it on LinkedIn. She made the first booking a week or two ago. People came to do something about our house. I hear from many people that they are canceling such things at this time and not paying. I don't think that's neat, but we wanted to keep our distance. Then my girlfriend booked a hotel room. That was really a godsend. When we went to book again last week, I was very pleased to see that there were many more hotels to choose from back then. I have traveled a lot for my job, worked a lot in hotels and I also spend time with clients in lobbies. But this way you also discover hotels that you would otherwise never see inside, which is really a kind of getaway

How was your first day at a hotel?
Top! I rushed in, late for a call, but got the wifi right away, could sit down and get to work. A table, chair, internet, an electrical outlet and silence, you don't need more. We weren't that big of a fan of the coffee you can put in such a room, but could just order what we wanted downstairs and she even brought it upstairs! The people are very friendly, they know that you are coming to work, and they choose a suitable room especially. I notice that you also do your best yourself. You ensure that the bed does not crease, that you do not make a mess of it. That is a pleasant interaction.

What are the advantages compared to working from home?
You are less distracted by other things. We order a lot online, so we regularly ring the bell, also with packages for the neighbors. The rest is very pleasant. You are a little more efficient, a little more focused at work. But it also feels a bit like an outing, really nice. We had in Boat & Co. For a tenner per person ordered lunch and got a really nice lunch.
And what is also nice: you are going somewhere. You really go 'to work'. When you are at home it is different, you drink a cup of coffee, do something at home, work and private life are always intertwined and both never stop completely. After such a day in a hotel, your working day is over when you walk outside, which is very good.

Does it also have drawbacks?
You don't have all your stuff with you. I have quite a few folders, you don't take them all with you. But that also makes you work more focused. And there is no printer in your room, I did not ask about it, you do that at home. It's not ideal for two. If you both have to call it is just a hotel room. At one point I was sitting at the desk and my girlfriend in the bathroom making a call. Last week we booked again, then we could get a room with a separate room for both of us and that was perfect.

How could we make hotel operations even better?
In my opinion it is perfect, I think it is a really good service, very transparent. You pay there, not on the site, very reliable and clear. I do hope that people do not take advantage of that, that they book and do not show up, which is a shame about such a sympathetic concept.
I also recommend it to others. I was asked by someone if you can also stay the night. I then told that it is available from 8am to 8pm, but apparently it wasn't that clear on the site. Furthermore, it really seems like something for expats, so it is a pity that the site is not available in English.

Do you have a tip for the homeworker? (Apart from booking a hotel room of course)
Try to make it fun for yourself. We are all in this situation and we just have to make the best of it. Don't try to see it as a challenge to get behind that laptop or a table again. One of the ways to do that is to give yourself a gift and book a hotel room for a few bucks. It's a very reasonable price and you can also take a little me-time. We don't have television ourselves, but I enjoyed watching television in a hotel room at the end of a working day. I think it's a real outing, and it's important to allow it yourself.

Thanks for the interview Eva Zwaving