At the time of writing, TWENTY EIGHT is one of the most popular hotels on VoorDeThuis in 2020 and that of course deserves a visit. Hotel Hero Robin joins Elsemiek Giskes, General Manager of TWENTY EIGHT, 1.5 meters away. He asks what has changed for her and how they deal with homeworkers in the hotel.

What has changed for you since March 18?

A whole lot! The hospitality industry in our hotel has closed and, like other hotels, we have received many cancellations that had to be processed. Since a fairly large part of the hotel is rented out on a long stay basis, fortunately we were able to maintain a decent occupancy. In addition, we soon joined VoorDeThuis workers to receive home workers.

We have offered the rooms for 2 reasons. The first is to accommodate homeworkers who are struggling at home. These are mainly people from the neighborhood, who, for example, sit at home with a baby or in calls together at the same time. The second reason is to maintain the buzz in the hotel. There is nothing worse than an empty hotel and receiving homeworkers keeps the staff busy. This is one of the reasons that we have been able to keep our entire team.

Have you made any changes to the hotel since then?

The most practical changes include walking routes, mudguards and the removal of the breakfast buffet. Breakfast has moved to the rooms, which often makes it even more enjoyable than before. In addition, receiving external guests has become much less self-evident and of course all events have been canceled.

Have you made any changes with regard to working from home?

Actually not, since we rent out apartments, all rooms are already suitable for working. Every now and then we have moved a table to make workplaces more pleasant. A good workplace is the most important thing you have to offer as a hotel.

What recent changes are permanent?

We have recently entered into partnerships with Bar Alt and restaurant Wils in the area. They offer dinners from top chefs at the hotel at the weekend. We notice that everyone gets energy from these collaborations and there is something to be gained for everyone, so we see that kind of collaborations still exist in the future.

What do you think of the VoorDeThuis workers platform?

I think VoorDeThuis workers is a very smart, innovative and positive concept. A good solution for people who cannot work well at home, where the mental aspect is most important. We also hear stories from home workers who are having a hard time or where it is impossible to work from home. In addition, it is affordable and ethically responsible. Good that it now exists.

From a practical point of view, the website is simple, clear and in no way complicated to book. We have already gained a lot of regular customers and I am curious about what will be possible in the future.

How is this situation for the staff?

Fortunately, we have been able to keep the entire team despite everything. Everyone has been very flexible. Because of the many people who are ill (you are not allowed to come to work if you have a cold), people have been flexible in their availability. But also taking over other tasks such as cleaning was now taken over by almost every staff member. It makes a difference that we train all our staff in a multi-deployable way.

Has anything positive been left of this time?

If we look at it at the macro level, I think it is good that we are more conscious about our time and resources. We are more aware of how much we travel and to what extent this is necessary or not. I feel that sustainability has become a greater good.

Furthermore, in the past year I have seen many different forms of entrepreneurship with a lot of creativity.

TWENTY EIGHT is rated very well with a 4.8, how do you think this is? And what can others learn from this?

The most important thing we hear from guests is that they need a good workplace. A place where you can open your laptop and sit for the rest of the day without getting hurt on your back. It is also important to show this in the photos that you upload as a hotel.