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This way you make working from home more fun

Het Parool

Raounak Khaddari

Those who work from home must be productive, not linger too much and keep an eye on things not getting too much. But working from home can also be fun, Cynthia Schultz (30) knows. She therefore organizes webinars for (more) fun in your working day.

Some are now also yearning for the suspended ceiling to escape the home decor. Schultz himself occasionally books a hotel room for himself to work for a day. “I used to work in a cafe a few times a week for a change. But that is not possible now. Through voorethuis workers.nl you can rent a room relatively cheaply. Sometimes I think halfway through the booking, yes, but then I have to drive there and then I have to carry my things with me and ... But by doing all that and therefore taking that little bit of effort, I ensure that I have a nice working day in which I will undoubtedly get more done than if I crawled dissatisfied behind the kitchen table. ”