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With VoorDeThuis workers For business companies offer their employees a discount on work suites. For business payments work differently:

- The homeworker pays the price minus the business discount at check-in.

- The business discount is paid afterwards by VoorDeThuis workers. After the end of the month, you will receive a collective credit invoice that we pay immediately.

Example: a work suite costs € 45 and a company offers € 35 discount, then you will receive € 10 at check-in and € 35 afterwards with the credit invoice.

The business discount is valid when the guest has a booking confirmation with the discount. Therefore, always ask the guest to show the booking confirmation. This is also mentioned in the emails to the reception. 

Super! Email us info@voordethuis workers.nl, we are happy to discuss a win-win deal.

This can have two causes:

  1. You do not have availability on the selected dates, this can be changed on the availability page.
  2. The selected date is tomorrow and you have indicated that you want to receive bookings x hours in advance, this can be changed on the listing page. 

Cancellations and no-shows can be notified by using the links in the booking confirmation. This way it is automatically processed in our system. No shows must be communicated within 1 day.

You can cancel at any time, even on the day itself. You will automatically receive an email from this.