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"The VoorDeThuis workers platform is simple and clear. We have already gained a lot of regular customers from it!"
"VoorDeThuis workers is genuinely a brilliant idea! That we acted so quickly without self-interest is very good, the hotel industry is helped and so are the home workers"

Frequently Asked ask

Home workers are looking for workplaces where they can concentrate. In addition, it is important that the home worker has a decent workplace with a good chair and desk that is large enough for a laptop and keyboard. VoorDeThuis workers always offers private spaces, flex workplaces are not suitable.

The commission on realized bookings is 10%

Due to the special circumstances at this moment, it is possible for guests to cancel free of charge.

Yes, it is possible to report this. It is also possible to exclude certain days, such as weekends.

Guests pay at the location itself. They can pay by pin, cash or invoice.

Clarity is most important for home workers. Provide photos that are representative of the workplace that is offered. Also provide a clear description of the location and respond to questions that are asked within the foreseeable future.

Reservations are received at the location at the email address provided by you.

You can indicate the number of rooms per day via the availability module. No space to receive home workers for a longer period of time? Set the availability to zero during this period. The link to the availability module has been sent after registration and can be used again can be requested via this link.