Give them a day out of the house.

A day in an inspiring work suite feels like a mini workation.

Enjoy the peace or the working together with a colleague, corona safe. Many work suites are good for two people. 

With more than 300 locations in 80 places, there is always a work suite nearby throughout the Netherlands, so travel movements are limited.

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national netherlands
University of Amsterdam

Frequently Asked ask

As a company, you can determine the amount of the discount that you want to offer your employees. The discount is automatically applied when booking with the company email address. Does the work suite cost more than the discount? Employees can pay the difference at check-in. 

No, there are no additional costs. Payment is only made for use. This is billed at the end of the month.

More than 250 hotels are connected in 75 cities throughout the Netherlands. And if more locations are needed, let us know and we will go after them. 

There is no minimum purchase, if nothing is used for a month, nothing will be paid. VoorDeThuis workers VoorBusiness is for companies from 50 employees to large corporates. 

Yes, this is possible in many work suites. How many people fit in it is indicated per work suite. Due to corona measures, it is currently not possible to book for large groups.

You can set the amount of the discount yourself. It is also possible to determine how often per month and when in the week the discount can be used. 

There is no minimum contract duration, it can be canceled at any time, but it is flexible. 

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