After six weeks at home, it felt like a holiday when I walked into Townhouse Hotel in Maastricht on a rainy Tuesday morning. VoorDeThuis workers allowed me to work in a hotel room for a day, in peace. What a gift that is, I'll tell you all about my experience!

What is VoorDeThuis workers?

VoorDeThuis workers is an initiative of a group of creative freelancers. Now that the catering industry is closed, hotel rooms remain empty and many people have to work from home, they saw a great opportunity. Because not everyone has a nice workplace at home or is unable to work at home due to too much anxiety. Then a hotel room is the perfect solution! On the website you can rent a hotel room for a day for a low price. This way you can work undisturbed, refuel for a while and then rested again and go home with a ticked to-do list!

"I have a home office, don't I?"

At first I thought: Don't I have an office in the attic where I can work? This did not last long, because once the idea of a whole day alone had settled in my brain, I was soon over. Because let's face it, although I think it's a special time and usually enjoy spending time with my two guys, it's tough too. And I could use some alone time!

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