Anne from the blog ANNETRAVEL FOODY worked for a day in hotel Mariënhage in Eindhoven. Her report:

Are you tired of working from home? I have the perfect solution for anyone who is self-employed or who cannot go to their job at the office. You can spend a day 'working from home' in a hotel room! An ideal solution in these Corona times. You work in a beautiful place for a day, you are out for a while and you support your local entrepreneurs. On this page I will tell you everything about working from home in a hotel room.

Working from home

I was done sitting at home. The walls came towards me, it got boring, I lost my motivation, I ate all day long and worked a lot less efficiently because I started doing household chores in between. Recognizable? I'm probably not the only one who is tired of working from home. Everyone who normally goes to the office misses the fun conversations with colleagues and everyone who is self-employed misses the events where you kept meeting new people.
Now, of course, in most cities there are enough workplaces that you can rent, but you are immediately committed to that for a week, month or even year. Then such a workplace will be quite expensive. Moreover, I just wanted a day out every now and then, not on a structural basis.

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